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Video Teaser Welcome to the Digital Stories website The interaction made possible by the web, smartphones and tablets has allowed the development of new forms of interactive audiovisual creation: there has been an explosion of web documentaries, web fiction and interactive clips over the last few years.

rencontres audiovisuelle

These new forms of film provide new artistic possibilities for their creators, while placing the 'spect-actor' in a new situation: he is no longer passive like in the cinema, but rencontres audiovisuelle 'his' version of the film himself, just rencontres audiovisuelle a book where 'you are the hero'.

Today, this artistic content is designed for individual users and visible only on the web.

Le cinéma était évidemment majoritairement en pellicule et vu dans les lieux dédiés que sont les cinémas ; nous voulions faire nos films et les faire voyager auprès des publics dans tous types de lieux. Le public était en demande de voir du court au delà rencontres audiovisuelle ces 2 temps forts. Tout commence avec la création numérique format court dèset par la suite nous avons exploré dès le début des années le VJing, les films interactifs sur le web, des installations interactives, performances arts numériques multi-écrans… ainsi que des formes interactives collectives en salle enet le mapping, pour la première fois en Vous organisez également plusieurs manifestations rencontres audiovisuelle la métropole lilloise, pouvez-vous nous en dire plus?

In addition, collective interaction exists in digital art installations, but not in cinemas, which could be facilitated by the conversion to digital of the latter. Through this experimentation project, Rencontres Audiovisuelles investigates interactive images in the collective field.

rencontres audiovisuelle

How can we show this interactive content in a cinema, while making it possible for everyone to interact? The first phase of this project was to develop technology enabling the projection, in cinemas, of interactive works already in existence, but created for individual users on the web. Sincea second phase of the Digital Stories project concerned the production of artistic contents designed for this new technology.

rencontres audiovisuelle

Directors, video game designers and mapping artists were able to take up residency, use the technology and receive support from the developers, in order to design and create new forms of collective, interactive writing.

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rencontres audiovisuelle

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rencontres audiovisuelle

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rencontres audiovisuelle

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